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Not all radio stations are made alike. Lightning 100 is a standout. They are constantly going to the edges of the music spectrum and challenging their listenership to take an ear to something different, something new.

I am humbled that they heard some worthy of such a station in The Whistles & The Bells. They have declared TWTB the Local Artist of the Week. So our request to you is that you request “Mercy Please” or any of your faves from the album. We even made a special radio edit for this special occasion. You can tweet at Lightning 100 at @Lightning100. Tune in all week to hear “Mercy Please” on 100.1 FM or Listen Live streaming at Tell em ya love em and to keep digging deep.



wb-front2For the last six months or so I haven’t slept well. That deep, seemingly unconscious sleep has eluded me. Interrupted, one inch thick rest laced with extremely abstract dreams has assumed its place. With the bags around my eyes bulging and darkening I have tried to find the instigator of the lost z’s- stripped myself of caffeine, watching tv late, etc. but to no avail. But yesterday I saw the answer written in the chemical trail of a jet across the grey Tenessee skies. And today finds me on the precupice of finding out if said cosmic whisper will prove prophetic. For today, I, the pregnant mother, am launching my new baby into the enormity that is the world. And I do believe I will sleep well after this bulging new creation in my belly, which has for some time roadblocked my path into relaxed slumber, has made its exit. I’ve not been nervous, or necessarily anxious, I don’t believe. But excited, yes. Enthusiastic to see this new creation begins its own journey. For as my Creator rested on the seventh day- after His heart overflowed onto a new canvas and unveiled a new work of art-I do believe today is my seventh day. I have done all I know to do. I hope it becomes a part of your quotient of joy.
– Sincerely, B


American Songwriter beats Sports Illustrated to the punch


During my childhood it was Highlights. In my teens it was Sport Illustrated. Nowadays its American Songwriter. I never got my name in those scrambled word finds. I never got profiled for my fall away jumper from the neighbors’ backyard. But today I am blessed to announced that The Whistles & The Bells debut album can be streamed from the confines of American Songwriter. Dream realized. Please go preview it there before its released March 4th.

Sidenote to Sports Illustrated: My fall away jumper is still on point. It’s never too late to jump on the bandwagon.