My wife has decided the hour of replacing power cords has expired. The wild animal sticker will protect me from unintentional thievery.  Love getting to announce New sophomore @Daytrotter session up today- emotional day..emotional session.. Canary, Ghetto, Skeletons, and Cosmic-go check em  So I just found out there will be no drink cart coming around. #hotairballoonletdown
 Let the sonic spaghetti western begin. @thestonefoxnash  Sunday in the south. @bigredgoat  So...we've...ditched the tour bus in for this thing...Hopefully we will finish upright...#baddaytowearLedZeppelinshirt


A Burial & A Birth

 The new calendar year marks both a burial and a birth. We stand reverently by the graveside of the past; we gaze curiously into the cradle of the year just born. 
Well, now what…2015?! Amid the chorus of new leafs being turned over with a snowball in hell’s muster of courage, a serenade of obligatory midnight smooches and slurred, syrupy toasts to “our best year yet in ’15″, and, of course, my beloved redneck neighbors shooting off some leftover 4th of july fireworks driving the local domesticated animal kingdom mad that was the soundtrack to my New Year’s Eve—-me and the mrs. welcomed in 2015 with a very private and select dance party in my living room to a soundtrack of Beyoncé and Pitbull (yeah I’m embarrassed for me as well) as we sucked down homemade Mississippi mudslides and tried to construct a list of 2014’s memory makers. The paper towel scribble included-swimming with an impromptu chorus line of dolphins-once feared to be sharks-on a rainy Florida coast line…sharing in a song of faith and hope as a funeral procession for a one year old child stricken with measles led into the ever increasing African jungle…being the least likely of all people to officiate a wedding to which I doubled down on for two of my best friends..seeing Hands in the Harvest Primary school spring to life in ebola-ridden Benduma, Sierra Leone (, falling in love with my lovely bride and the scriptures once again, and for the first time with Malcolm Muggeridge and F.W. Boreham, a rescued foster heeler/basenji mix named Jordy, and my new niece Emery….and finally sharing an oddly-personal record of songs with the rest of the world under the name “The Whistles & The Bells”. And…well, I’ll stop there..brevity for brevity’s sake…a worthwhile pursuit for the perpetually longwinded. 
So as I stare into the mysterious eyes of 2015 I find I have no choice due to its mastery of the proverbial poker face, but to rest on the truths that have found themselves persevering to every calendar on every continent thru every age. That my Creator is faithful to His creation, that He is not done with me yet, and that love is never done in vain. So let us all start this year “pausing to readjust ourselves to ourselves, to one another, to those around us, to God above us, and to the eternal scheme of things.” (Boreham)
Check out all this as well..with the caveat that there is some BIG NEWS I cannot speak about yet or suffer cement shoes. But soon…very soon. 


TW & TB – Daytrotter’s Best of 2014

Honored to say TW&TB made Daytrotter’s Best of 2014 List: Our session ranked #35 out of 1200 sessions and “Mercy Please” ranked #80 out of 5000 songs Daytrotter recorded in 2014.
VISIT –!/concert/best-sessions-of-2014/21021759-37387320
Check out this link to our aforementioned 2014 session recorded in March 24, 2014 at Big Light Studios.!/concert/the-whistles-and-the-bells/21020582-37385461

Our OurVinyl Session

I’m so excited to finally let you all check this out- did a session with OurVinyl last year and now you can lay thine eyes on it- Mike and all the folks at OurVinyl did such a bang up job-
Live performances of Mercy Please, Transistor Resistor, and a little mash up of Shadow of Death/Love in a Minor Key.

American Songwriter beats Sports Illustrated to the punch


During my childhood it was Highlights. In my teens it was Sport Illustrated. Nowadays its American Songwriter. I never got my name in those scrambled word finds. I never got profiled for my fall away jumper from the neighbors’ backyard. But today I am blessed to announced that The Whistles & The Bells debut album can be streamed from the confines of American Songwriter. Dream realized. Please go preview it there before its released March 4th.

Sidenote to Sports Illustrated: My fall away jumper is still on point. It’s never too late to jump on the bandwagon.